The Wunmi Obe post I almost didn’t see!

Ayeni Adekunle and Wunmi Obe

By Wunmi Tunde-Obe

I’ve always loved success stories. Especially when the road forth was fraught with intrigues, challenges and circumstantial obstacles. The gist is usually sweeter to listen to then.

When most others told you it couldn’t be done, you turned a deaf ear and kept your eye on the prize.

When they thought you were way too ambitious to want succeed in the spheres about which your peers hadn’t even dared to dream, you actualised it.

When you toiled without a hoot for your health (even though I did, and will continue to nag you about it!), braved each weather and fell under a number of times, you got right back up, dusted yourself off and didn’t look back.

When despite those early circumstances that augured otherwise, you not only decided from the get-go what you were going to become, you actually declared it. Truly today, it has come to pass.

The alias/moniker – AyeniTheGreat – which you’ve proudly worn like a badge for as long as I have known you, (and which I’d found a tad conceited at first) has metamorphosed before my very eyes, into what you have truly become today.. GREAT.

I’m glad I was privileged to witness pretty much the entire plot. And I couldn’t be more proud of you, AYENI ADEKUNLE SAMUEL, a.k.a AYENI THE GREAT. Congratulations. The world is yours.


Source: Wunmi Tunde-Obe’s Facebook Page

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