If I Knew In 2010 What I Know Now, I’d Never Have Published A Newspaper

As a journalist I worked in three media organizations. It is difficult to survive as a Nigerian journalist. It is equally difficult for media owners.

Just seen the Leadership newspaper issue and I feel for the staff. I know what it means to work and not earn. I did that at THISDAY for 2 years. Delayed salaries, poor remuneration, casualization and even ‘work-for-free’ culture have sadly become a norm in the media industry in Nigeria.

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Blackhouse Media Launches Revolutionary PR App In Nigeria

– Lagos agency builds first and only mobile application in Nigeria’s PR market

BlackHouse Media, Nigeria’s leading media and public relations agency has announced the launch of its mobile application – the BHM App

The App, according to the company’s founder Ayeni Adekunle, is the first and only mobile application in Nigeria’s PR market, and a resource centre for the entire media and marketing industries. Continue reading…

Digital Media: The Undisputable Future of Public Relations (VIDEO)

I was on the beautiful island of Mauritius from May 27th to 31st for the 26th All Africa Public Relations Conference #APRAMauritius2014.

I was opportuned to present to fellow professionals from Africa and the world over on the future of our profession and what lies ahead for communication professionals.

The presentation focused on the role of digital media, social relations and content engagement in today’s professional practice of public relations and marketing communications from a local African and global perspective.

To know how the conference went, or see excerpts from my session, please search for #APRAMauritius2014 on Twitter or Facebook and check the video below:


Goal Setting In Business (VIDEO)

On Friday, May 23rd 2014, at Enterprise Creative’s Freelance Friday in Ikeja, Lagos, I shared with a couple of young entrepreneurs the importance of Goal Setting in running a business, using mostly stories and lessons picked up in my years of building Blackhouse Media Group from a small start-up to what it is today. Continue reading…

To Hell With Cliques and Camps (#NECLive 2014 Opening Speech) – Ayeni Adekunle

I have mixed feelings as I write. I feel good because what started out as a wish, an idea to bring the creative and entertainment industry in Nigeria together annually has become a reality. There was the pleasant surprise of the success of our debut last year, and the amazing support this year’s event has received from far and near. Today should be indeed a happy day. But it’s not. I feel pain because I know that there’s so much work to be done. And we’re not even scratching the surface.

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