President Jonathan Must Take Responsibility For Nigeria’s Ebola Disaster

Yorubas say it well: “Ehinkule l’ota wa. Inu’le ni aseni ngbe”.


Nigeria and Nigerians are losing on all fronts because of leaders we didn’t prepare for the assignments we are giving them. Every child should be trained please. Everyone should be prepared with the right formal and informal education. We never know what we will become tomorrow… Continue reading…

If I Knew In 2010 What I Know Now, I’d Never Have Published A Newspaper

As a journalist I worked in three media organizations. It is difficult to survive as a Nigerian journalist. It is equally difficult for media owners.

Just seen the Leadership newspaper issue and I feel for the staff. I know what it means to work and not earn. I did that at THISDAY for 2 years. Delayed salaries, poor remuneration, casualization and even ‘work-for-free’ culture have sadly become a norm in the media industry in Nigeria.

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Sufferman – The UI Years

My roommate and fellow S Man @doyinadesida’s birthday. Our room in a face-me-I-face-you apartment at No 21 Major Salawu, Agbowo-UI. The UI years, when I went to bed hungry almost every night. Where I lost count of how many times our landlord Ajetunmobi locked us out for failing to pay rent. The UI years, where it was Doyin that ended up paying the rent most times and it was Muyiwa Ajayi-Bembe who provided lunch or dinner until Dotun Asipa whose pocket money was a whopping N5000 came into the picture. The UI years where friends Nicknamed me Sufferman and laughed non stop when I called myself Ayeni TheGreat. The worst years ever prepared me for the best years. Thank you UI and the many men and women who made those years! 

In Celebration of Kunle Bakare: A Man Who Doesn’t Want To Be Celebrated

It was 10 years in June, since my first byline appeared in Encomium Weekly. My first byline anywhere, really. It was one of the most difficult periods of my life. Let me explain:

My mother died in April, just as I was rounding up work on my final year project at University of Ibadan. I fell ill shortly afterwards, and was hospitalized for weeks. I was too ill to attend my mom’s burial. Continue reading…

Digital Media: The Undisputable Future of Public Relations (VIDEO)

I was on the beautiful island of Mauritius from May 27th to 31st for the 26th All Africa Public Relations Conference #APRAMauritius2014.

I was opportuned to present to fellow professionals from Africa and the world over on the future of our profession and what lies ahead for communication professionals.

The presentation focused on the role of digital media, social relations and content engagement in today’s professional practice of public relations and marketing communications from a local African and global perspective.

To know how the conference went, or see excerpts from my session, please search for #APRAMauritius2014 on Twitter or Facebook and check the video below: