President Jonathan Must Take Responsibility For Nigeria’s Ebola Disaster

Yorubas say it well: “Ehinkule l’ota wa. Inu’le ni aseni ngbe”.


Nigeria and Nigerians are losing on all fronts because of leaders we didn’t prepare for the assignments we are giving them. Every child should be trained please. Everyone should be prepared with the right formal and informal education. We never know what we will become tomorrow…


Children need to be trained and prepared for the highest responsibilities possible. A poorly educated or ill-prepared child could end up in a position that can seriously affect people’s lives and economies. And, usually, it is too late to train them then.


I don’t want to bother the presidency at the moment but our leader Goodluck Ebele Jonathan must take responsibility for the deaths and effects of this preventable Ebola outbreak.

No sensible and proactive country would have carried on with business as usual at its borders with all the Ebola warnings since March.


The Nigerian government put the safety of every Nigerian in jeopardy by letting Sawyer into this country. Yet GEJ calls him crazy?


If Gani Fawehinmi was alive, I’m sure he would sue on behalf of all those now infected with Ebola. He would go to court for victims and their families. If Fela was alive? Just imagine it.


Ebola is just another crisis we face because of the calibre of men and women we call leaders. The government finds someone to blame for all that happens.


Following this preventable Ebola embarrassment and disaster, along with other numerous GEJ missteps what should the president do?


If you ask me, a good leader will take a walk. Quit the stage. Boko Haram and #BringBackOurGirls are enough to show he’s better off returning to Otuoke.


We all have personal stories of damaged or lost loved ones as a result of this failed system. Both parents in my case. Picture the anguish of the Ebola victims or Boko Haram captives…


Who did we offend?


Yet, Nigeria will be great – in spite of these people and these enemies from within. We will fix this country. It will take time. Maybe not even in my lifetime, but we will fix Nigeria.


Let Karma take care of the rest.

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