Spent Monday evening at the BHM Lounge, in company of some of the brightest minds around, as we gathered to celebrate the founder of X3M Group Steve Babaeko.

SB had announced last week that September 1 made it 20 years since he ventured into advertising.

As we shared hot amala and orisirisi; with canapés and cognac and cocktails, everyone spoke about the power of Steve’s imagination;  about the determination and drive that got him here. Everyone agreed this gentleman that arrived in Lagos broke and hopeless changed his life and his story by doing the work- from artiste management to equipment leasing, to copywriting and music.

Music gave him the fame; advertising gave him a career and much more.

Steve Babaeko

Steve Babaeko

But it’s the inspiration – the one that pushes him; the one he gives to others even when he doesn’t try, that gave him a name.

That name may be what his parents gave him. But it’s no longer a basic nomenclature for a random guy from Kabba in Kogi state. That name now belongs to a trusted brand that’s fulfilling a promise: that Nigerian advertising can be great again; that copy writers and creative directors can build a business too; that you can make it if you dare. That an agency CEO can sag his pants and wear Giuseppe Zanotti . The promise (and message) that everything you want is chilling on the other side of fear.

The full story of Steve Babaeko will be told someday soon.

Happy anniversary, boss.

Kelvin Orifa, Steve Babaeko & Toni Kan

Kelvin Orifa, Steve Babaeko & Toni Kan

Kelvin Orifa, Steve Babaeko & Ayo Animashaun

Kelvin Orifa, Steve Babaeko & Ayo Animashaun

Ayeni Adekunle with Yetunde Babaeko

With Yetunde Babaeko

Modenine with Steve Babaeko & Yetunde Babaeko

Jonah the Monarch, Modenine with Yetunde & Steve Babaeko

Steve Babaeko,  Ayo Animashaun & Ayeni Adekunle

With Steve Babaeko & Ayo Animashaun

Ayeni Adekunle & TEE A

With Tee A

Chris Ihidero

Chris Ihidero

Ayeni Adekunle, Ayo Animashaun, Steve Babaeko


My Brother Tee A Is 40 Today

My brother Tee A is 40 today.

I met Tee A in 1998 through Soji Dehinde who had recommended we contact him to host YAFEM – the music awards I was organising.

Tee A hosted the event for free, together with another good friend of mine Henry Ekechukwu.
He was already in UNILAG at the time, and already a busy entertainer.
We’ve remained in touch regularly since then although we only got closer around the late 2000s.

I’m not given to birthday celebrations. But I admit some milestones should not go without befitting acknowledgement. Especially for a gentleman that is a source of joy and pride to me and my family, to our industry and in fact, the entire nation.

Now that Tee A has moved up to join the big men in the 40+ league (I see you Steve Babaeko, Toni Kan, Abisoye Fagade, Ayo Animashaun, Kelvin Orifa, and co), I hope he’ll be honest with himself and follow his true calling: Cooking. Trust me, he’s been wasting his time with comedy.