ID Africa: Uniting Continent With Digital Support

By Afolabi Idowu (The Union Newspaper)


The increased Internet penetration and the resultant increase in the publishing and consumption of content online are the factors that conspired to necessitate the emergence of ID Africa. The Group Managing Director of BHM Group, Mr. Adekunle Ayeni told the UNION recently According to him, “We will not be seeking to merely replicate successful campaigns in one country, or go to another country and toe the line, no.

Africa is not a country, but a cohort of nations with diverse social, cultural and political influences and nuances. Therefore, ID Africa will be taking into consideration how each of these factors will make or mar each brief, each brand and each consumer demographic we are trying to tackle,” “For example, a brief might mean ID Africa looks at target cities, even for the making an online campaign that would run solely on the Internet.

We would do this because we know that mobile phones have killed off most cyber cafés in many Nigerian cities, so we expect the Nigerian consumer to most likely be consuming content from one of the over 83 million active phone lines Nigeria has. Studies show many young people in Ghana and South Africa still use Internet cafes, even though they have a mobile phone.”

Ayeni Adekunle2

He added, “In Cape Town in particular, there’s evidence that mobile phones and public access computers are not substitutes for one another. Juxtapose this with Senegal, where Google   opened what it called Africa’s first cybercafé that works only with tablets in 2013 and you will see why ID Africa is excited to explore the digital opportunities that abound for consumers and brands alike.”

His company, The BHM Group now has a London office, morphing into a chain of businesses that manages strategic communications programs for companies with interests in financial services, entertainment, lifestyle and fashion, media, consumer goods, marketing and technology. Its clientele is just as varied, with brands like First Bank Nigeria, Verve, Hennessy, Nigerian Breweries and Interswitch, as well as Viacom, parent company of MTV Base, Nickelodeon, BET and Comedy Central. Speaking further, “Rising Internet penetration in Nigeria and across Africa has increasingly pushed content publishers and consumers to interact online.This shift has created the necessary conditions for the emergence of ID Africa.”


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