Who Am I?

I am a stammerer. A failed microbiologist. Failed musician. I’m a failed author.

I grew up in Okokomaiko, on the outskirts of Lagos where I attended a public primary school where we were taught English in Yoruba Language.

I’m terribly shy and quiet, almost asocial.

I do not have money.

How come I’ve been able to build a successful career in journalism, public speaking, Public Relations, writing, social media marketing and advertising?

From a small, no-capital start up eight years ago, How’s the BHM Group, building businesses in media, entertainment and marketing, and employing over 50 young men and women?

Join me as I look for the answers…

If you know me more than I do, if you have some of the answers, feel free to write in the comment box.

But If you want a proper bio, to know about my family and work, about my life and loves, please click HERE

“Inú ìkòkò dúdú l’èko funfun ti n’jade”